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First Class Solutions allows you to register your domain name to our domain name servers without any additional charge.
Note: Registering your domain name to our servers does not enable it for email, web hosting and so forth. To use your domain name for such services we offer several hosting plans to choose from.

Register Your Domain
Search for a Web Address (domain name) with no obligation!

Establishing an Online Presence
The first step to establishing an online presence is acquiring a domain name. A domain name is a unique alphanumeric name that is used to identify your presence on the Internet. The name normally ends with the suffix .com, .net or .org, for example, You can choose a domain name with a maximum of 67 characters.

The cost for domain name registration may vary depending on the length of service chosen.This fee is charged by the Domain Name Register. 

Domain facts
If your Web site isn't ready yet, let customers know you're coming soon!
Sign Up for a hosting plan with First Class Solutions and we’ll provide a FREE intro Web page. The page can contain messages like, "Coming soon" or "Call us on our toll free number for product information". Or, post the contents of your business card.

What can you do if the domain name you want is already taken?
If the domain name you desire is already registered to another Web site, consider making slight modifications. For example, Acme Computers could be:

Protect your on-line identity with multiple domains.
Registering your domain as a, and a can enhance your on-line identity with your customers and protect it from impostors.

What can you do with a domain name?
Protect your domain by registering it for up to 10 years!
Now you can keep your domain name for an extended timeframe without having to renew it every couple of years. Don’t let it happen to you. Remember when Microsoft almost lost its domain name? Don't let the same happen to you!

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